2022 closes in the red



Market drops 2.67% and prediction for 2023 is negative

"In 2023, if the current scenario is maintained, a significant drop in the numbers for 2022 is expected." The downward path of the agricultural tractor registration market in 2022 ended with a drop compared to 2021 – 5,759 against 5,917 – and, given the unpredictability that affects brands and farmers, the forecast of specialists who have been contacted by abolsamia, in a way general, is that the numbers will continue to fall throughout this year, unless measures to support the sector are clarified and slow down the increase in prices of raw materials, fertilizers and energy.

The year 2022 ended with the already expected drop in registration of agricultural tractors: 158 fewer tractors were registered than in the total for 2021, a drop that, even so, is not very sharp, but which, combined with the uncertainty and unpredictability affecting the market at this time, could extend into 2023. The rise in prices of agricultural raw materials, caused by the high cost of fertilizers, worsening weather conditions and the late effect of the increase in energy prices, comes increase the doubts of farmers, who withdraw when considering investing in machinery. All players in the agricultural sector are waiting for immediate action by the Government, so that the necessary support for the revitalization of the sector takes effect in 2023.

In summary, not even the strong growth of some brands, such as Solis or John Deere, among others, prevented the market from falling. December 2022 thus stood out as the second month in which less than 400 tractors (387) were registered – the other was November, clear proof of the downward path - and the fifth month of the year below 500, when the same month in 2021 it had 541 registrations.

Note: We have excluded ATVs and UTVs approved under the T category and Telehandlers. | Origin: IMT / Source: ACAP


In an intense final sprint, New Holland overtook Solis in the last days of the year and won first place in 2022, thus maintaining the leadership achieved in the previous year, although this time it registered 738 tractors, a record well below the 873 registered in 2021. Solis was in the lead between January and November – it reached the end of October with an average of 68 tractors registered per month – but ended up sinking in the last moments, since in the month of December it only registered one tractor. Among the top five, note for New Holland which, despite having won the year, presents a drop of 15.46% compared to the numbers for 2021; and reference for Kubota – 3rd brand to overcome the barrier of 600 registered in 2022 – and for Solis and John Deere, the two brands in the Top 5 with the highest increase compared to the previous year: 24.78% and 23.87% . Extending the analysis to the Top 10, Farmtrac's growth is still clear, very close to 20%.

Units sold by power segment
Analyzing the most sold power segments, the 51-120hp range once again confirms its preponderance in the market, justified by Government support for the Renovation of the Agricultural Tractor Park – 51.97% of those registered -, with the range below 50hp being one more time below 40%. As for the higher power segments, the 121-200hp segment surpassed the 8% mark, while the category above 200hp registered 10 tractors in December, a number above the monthly average (7.27%) registered until November, reaching 90 units at the end of the year.

Top selling brands and models, sorted by power segments

According to data from the Mobility and Transport Institute (IMT), New Holland was the brand that registered the most tractors in 2022, but the best-selling model is Solis: the Solis 26 4WD Stage V registered 314 units sold (this model represents 44 .53% of the total registrations of the Indian brand), accounting for 124 more units than the Farmtrac 26 4WD, the second most registered model of the year. As for the leading brands in the different power levels, Solis maintained dominance below 50hp, with 490 new tractors registered, 215 more than Kubota. In the 51-120hp range, New Holland stands out, reaching 603 registered tractors, with Kubota returning to second place, but already 289 machines behind. As for the higher powers, John Deere once again moved away from Valtra: in the 121-200hp range, the North American brand extended its advantage (202 against 56), while in the category above 200hp it has 39 tractors registered against 19 of the brand finnish.

Trailer registration

The trailer market comes to the end of the year with a drop of 10.6% compared to 2021 – in total, there are 198 units less compared to January/December of the previous year. With the exception of Massil, which shows a growth of 76.4% compared to 2021, all the other brands in the Top 6 fell in their records, if we compare them with those of January/December 2021. Even so, and after Galucho having led for almost the entire year, it was Herculano that ended 2022 in 1st place, with 403 trailers registered, against 381 for Galucho, when both brands had easily overcome the barrier of 400 trailers a year ago. In total, after the 1,864 trailers registered in 2021, registration dropped to 1,666 in 2022.



Linhai leads in ATV's and CF Moto at the top of UTV's

In an analysis of the sales market for ATV's (All Terrain Vehicles) and UTV's (Multi-purpose Utility Vehicles) in 2022, Linhai maintained its comfortable leadership in ATV's sales: it registered 44 more vehicles than in the previous year (increase of 6.89 %) seeing, even so, CF Moto reduce the distance, not least because it achieved a growth of 21.8%. In UTV's, the scenario is already different: after an intense pursuit, CF Moto ended 2022 in the lead: after having registered 22 more vehicles than BRP in 2021, this time it had to sweat to register 10 more, ending with a growth of 28.09% and BRP of 35.06%. Note on the growth of the utility vehicles market in relation to the same time last year: in ATVs, there are 17.99% more registrations and in UTVs the rise is 37.17%, although both have registered declines since August.

Fall in Italy reached 17.1% in 2022

The Italian Federation of Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers – Federunacoma – revealed the figures for 2022, and the breakdown is clear: 17.1% less agricultural tractor registrations compared to 2021, with 20,217 units registered in 2022. The drop was especially evident in powers from 56 to 75 hp, a range that had a 43.7% decrease compared to 2021.

According to Federunacoma, the prospects for 2023 “remain linked to the evolution of economic variables, from the price of raw materials to logistics costs, to developments in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.”


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